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City Housekeeping is your comprehensive, customized window cleaning solution. Window cleaning at great heights needs professional attention from expert cleaners who have the right cleaning equipment to make a difference. Our cleaning staff have all undergone expert training to ensure your windows are cleaned professionally and they have insurance so that you don’t need to worry about this aspect. Our staff members will arrive at your location, get your windows cleaned inside and outside and be gone as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your business.

How We Do What We Do Best

Modern technological developments allow our cleaning team to bring their own water with them to the cleaning site. Also, the long poles used to reach and clean the office windows from the outside incorporate their own water feed in a ‘reach and wash’ innovative system that extends up to the fourth floor of any building. Between our trained team and this efficient technology, cleaning office windows is a convenient process that will leave your windows shiny and clean, making for a good first impression.

Only the Best Products

We only use the best available products on the market to clean your office windows, which includes the use of purified water. Using a jet stream of this purified water from the tanks in our team vehicles ensures that these pure water particles are attracted to dirt. This molecular attraction means that the latch on to dirt and grime, ensuring windows are left crystal clean and clean in the process. One further enormous benefit of using the latest technology is that this method is completely friendly towards the environment. This is a must-use technology in the modern world where protection of the environment is extremely important.

We Clean Four Storey Windows and Above

Our ‘reach and clean’ water pole technology is used to clean all windows up to approximately 22 metres above ground level. Further up, we use safe, tested abseiling equipment for which our employees have received certification and are insured for safety purposes. We do resort to traditional methods at lower levels by using tried and trusty ladders for the ground floor up to the first level of office buildings and make sure that all safety standards are in place. Our quality control helps to protect our staff members and your building while cleaning windows so you make the best first impression possible.

How Often Should You Clean Your Office Windows?

When our clients contact us to set up contracts, we provide a healthy discount for more frequent window cleaning services. Our fees differ for once-off window cleaning, monthly, every three months, six months and yearly. With the special equipment needed for window cleaning, our team will need space to park their vehicle within a twenty-five-metre distance from the building, which must also be on the side of the street where the building is situated. Give us a call today to find out more so that we can offer you the best prices for your window cleaning needs.

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