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Our cleaners will come prepared and bring own cleaning products and equipment

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City Housekeeping team can cover all London zones and surroundings

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Steam Carpet Cleaning from City Housekeeping

Guarantee of our Work and Professional Carpet Cleaners

We Are Certified And Dedicated To Provide The Best Quality Care To All Your Carpet Cleaning Needs

For the best carpet cleaning job by professionals you can trust, contact City Housekeeping Carpet Cleaning Services – tell us what carpet cleaning job you need done,  and we’ll send a Carpet Cleaner professional right over.

You don’t have to worry about damage or fading, we’ll take customized care of your carpet or upholstery.  We specialize cleaning all fibers (mixed, natural, synthetic, including delicate) and removing stubborn soil stains, dust buildup, and en-grained dirt, without inflicting any harm or damage.  We only send industry experts that have the experience and knowledge to evaluate the best cleaning method and product for your specific carpet, rug or upholstery cleaning job. 

We care about the carpet but we also care about the safety and health of the breathing environment as a result of carpet cleaning agents.  We promise to leave clean carpet and clean air with the products and methods used.  We stand behind our product and services guaranteeing the removal of dust mites, stubborn stains and odors, while improving the air by eliminating use of allergen causing products.

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When CityHousekeeping Experts arrive you can expect:

For maintaining and extending the life of your carpet we use standard safe and non-toxic cleaning solutions and innovative industrial equipment, only. To have your carpet cleaned by professionals select the specific task options, speak with our scheduler and experience why our customers rave about our quality carpet cleaning services, it’s just that hassle free. 
You are now ready to enjoy the Best Carpet Cleaning in 4 Simple Steps:

What are we cleaning for you? 
We have various methods for cleaning various carpets and upholstery, whether your need is bedrooms, living rooms, patio, office or other, we have the best solution for cleaning and protecting the longevity of your carpets.  We are happy you choose us to deliver the quality cleaning services your project deserves.  Just tell us what you need cleaning and we will detail your instructions to your personal cleaning expert.  Scheduling is available online, or with the use of a mobile device if you are on the move.  Our professionals are quick so it will only take few minutes.

Our professional cleaning expert will arrive on time and ready to deliver quality services to your satisfaction.  Now you can tend to the other things on your ‘to do list,’ because your hard to do cleaning chores are in good hands.

We only hire and assign the most experienced and qualified detailers in the industry. We only consider those who share our commitment to great servicing. We have continuous training to keep our staff equipped with the trending and most efficient practices to service you better.

The cleaning job is in the hands of professionals now; you can relax, and catch up with the friends or the book you have been promising yourself to read, or some much needed rest.

Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet Cleaning City Housekeeping

Our Team or Industry Experts

  • Certified, screened and dedicated to excellent quality service
  • Properly prepared in character and skill to service the job to your satisfaction
  • Trained to handle each job by professional care standards
  • Undergo continuous training
  • Evaluated after each job for performance

Our Professionals have a keen understanding of proper carpet cleaning methods

  • Our team follow customized instructions to detail.
  • You can trust our professionals apply the latest cleaning methods to cleaning with care.
  • Our experts apply healthy and safety standards to every job
  • Our professionals arrive on time and will leave on time leaving the job well done.

City Housekeeping Carpet Cleaners is part of City Housekeeping Cleaning Services, but handles Carpet and Upholstery cleaning assignments. Your satisfaction is important to us.  That’s why we offer the industry’s best cleaning methods, products and technology to remove animal hair, dust mites, stubborn soil stains and air pollutants from your home.

We are talking about premier carpet cleaning by dedicated professionals using only state of the art cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions that work best for you.  We only use quality brand products along with the best industry backed methods of cleaning all types of carpets and upholstery.  We do small, big, oriental, delicate, rugs in either residential or commercial settings- and we do the job right.  We are very aware of health and safety when using cleaning agents, that’s why our commitment is to remove air pollutants and clean your carpet without adding contaminants.

At City Housekeeping Carpet Cleaners Our Mission-two words- Customer Satisfaction.

To ensure your satisfaction, we combine the traditional with the trending.  In other words traditional customer service values with the trending and most innovative systems of delivering quality carpet cleaning services which is what City Housekeeping Carpet Cleaners services is all about. 

When you Choose City housekeeping Carpet Cleaning,
you choose prices to fit your budget

Honest pricing. No surprises. No hidden fees.

There is no limit to the cleaning expertise we offer to meet your versatile cleaning needs.  Our team of experts provides services throughout the entire London area. You can contact us online or call, and for those on the go, you can even use your mobile device to set an appointment to speak with an expert or have a home care (cleaner) expert come to your home-because we are ON-DEMAND. Contact our elite representatives to schedule a home clean visit now.

Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning

Note: Our minimum order is £80.00

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services


Common Questions & Answers

If you don’t find your question listed below, just call our customer care professionals are familiar with every aspect of the cleaning process and will be happy to answer any of your questions. Customers Frequently Ask These Questions:

1. Will the cleaning take a long time?

On average the cleaning could take 30 minutes for the average sized bedroom, or more depending on the condition of the carpet and how many rooms need cleaning.

2. Will it take more than one carpet cleaner to complete the job?

Unless per customer request, we send one expert professional, fully equipped with the necessary instructions, products and equipment to complete your cleaning request.

3. Will the specialist move the furniture for cleaning?

We want to accommodate every request to satisfy our customer, if the movable furniture is a lightweight table or chair; our professionals will be happy to assist moving furniture for cleaning.  However, heavy furniture should be moved in advance, in fact you want your expert to be able to get to the hard-to reach and stubborn areas with little to no interference to guarantee the best cleaning performance.

4. What is the estimated dry time?

Because we use the best industrial machines for carpet cleaning on average the drying time can range between 3-8 hours depending on the carpet’s fiber construction.  Approximately 3-6 hours of air-dry time is needed for synthetic fiber made carpets and for other mixed, including wool fiber carpets around 4 to 8 hours of dry time is required. To speed the dry time our professional will place an air-mover in the designated area at no charge to the customer.

5. Do you provide proof of cleaning for landlords?

Yes, when the job is completed, we provide you with an official invoice specifying all the information you will need for what and when the carpet cleaning was done and on what date, for example.

6. I have additional questions that I do not see listed?

You can contact our experts with any questions.  You will find our team knowledgeable and friendly.  So give them a call whenever you have a question. Call 020 3322 2323.

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