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Whether you’re a business owner or office manager, ensuring that the daily operations of your workplace are efficient and productive is imperative to the success of your company.

Over the many years of serving some our commercial clients here in the area, we’ve learned from them that there are many benefits to reap from keeping your workplace well-kept and maintained on a regular basis.

We want to be able to share with you some of the insights we’ve gathered over the years as to how a clean office may help improve your workplace quality:

It may help eliminate stress

Our clients have told us that by conducting their tasks in an environment that is well-kept and organized, a drop in stress levels occurred, allowing more room for a pleasant interaction between employees.

It may improve focus

We’ve noticed that when stress levels drop, employees have more opportunity to focus on their list of tasks without being distracted by clutter or messes. An employee who’s computer screen is caked with dust will have a more difficult time focusing than one who’s screen is always clean.

It adds to the retail customer experience

If your workplace is retail, meaning your customers are walking into your store to purchase their products (e.g. restaurant, clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc) or services (massage, therapy, medical, dry cleaner, computer repair shop, etc) then their perception of your company will largely be based on how clean your store is kept. So we say, give them a positive perception!

It may help improve your client consulting

If you are in an industry where your clients are primarily other businesses whom you consult with or offer services to, note that they expect a higher standard of quality from their vendors and that you will probably be judged on the appearance of your workplace. Don’t allow an important client the unpleasantry of using the restroom only to find the soap dispenser is empty or the toilet paper isn’t stocked. Give them a positive experience in every small detail!


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