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Hire Expert Tradesmen to do all your Odd Jobs in London

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Getting a dependable and qualified personnel to get your odd jobs done in London can sometimes be difficult. That is why City Housekeeping was established to attend to all your needs. We offer a team of expert maintenance technicians who are highly-skilled and can get to you within a short period of time.

There are numerous types of odd jobs and they come in different proportions and forms. No matter how difficult these jobs are, experts are the only individuals who can provide you the needed expertise to surmount these challenges. If you doubt our ability to do a good job, check out our review page to see what our numerous customers have to say about our services. Our team at City Housekeeping are individuals who are lively and stylish uniformed experts with a deep sense of discipline and self-control. You can rely on our team to specifically complete a collection of your maintenance work. Our services are not limited to the following:


Hanging and Wall Mounting

This job sounds relatively easy from the name. if you have ever tried to mount a TV on your wall, you will understand how difficult it is and how helpful a professional hand will be. Our devoted expert at City Housekeeping will ensure your valuable technology or piece of artwork is mounted in the right position on your wall. They take their time and are very careful and detailed while mounting your valuables on the wall.

Overall Maintenance and Repairs

We offer home maintenance services to all our clients irrespective of their repair needs and location in London. Our wide range of maintenance services covers everything from little damages to key faults and errors. Our team at City Housekeeping will offer you a faultless repair that will keep your home and office in perfect working condition again. We also will provide you with helpful tips on how to maintain your house or office equipment to prevent a reoccurrence.

Hire an expert Job Man for all your Jobs in London Today!

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To hire any of our experts, contact us and talk with our consulting team today on the type of job you need help with and the right expert to get it fixed. Our customer care agents will offer you the best advice on how to get your job done and no matter how difficult or challenging the job may be, we will do our best to get it done as soon as possible. We offer you a cost-effective price for every job we do for you. Send us a message to request a live chat with us and ask us any question about our services or job offerings. We ensure we get in touch with you as soon as we see your request. Our services also extend to other core areas that might be of help to you. They include effective plumbing and electrical services.

A list of some of the odd jobs we do is detailed below:





Common Questions & Answers

We want to make sure you understand every aspect of why we are the best in town. If you do not see the answer to your question below just call and a friendly customer care expert will answer all your questions.

1. Do you possess tall ladders for jobs that require them?

Yes, we use professional construction ladders for jobs that require them. You need to pre-inform our customer unit representative the estimated height of your proposed work. This will enable us to prepare one of our team members to come with the appropriate ladder.

2. Do you have the necessary tools to get a job done?

Yes, our experts use the current repair tool for all our jobs and we do our best to come fully prepared for every job we are hired for. Rest assured that our professionals will come with the necessary tools and manual needed to deliver a good job to you.

3. Do you provide all the equipment needed for the job?

Ideally, we come with a variety of tool ranging from nails to screws, bolts, and nuts. A particular task might require the use of special equipment which we might not have. You have to make provision for those or pay our team members to buy them from a local outlet where they are being sold.

4. Is there any guarantee or assurance of completed jobs?

Yes, our team of experts will make sure they complete every job before leaving your premises. If there is any glitch in the job done, kindly contact us as soon as possible and we will be available to fix it for free.

5. Can a member of your team during visit perform more than one task?

Yes, it is always advisable to prepare ahead of our team member. This will enable us to prepare in time for the job ahead. Our experts might require detailed information prior to their arrival at your place if your job offer is bigger as they are equipped with equipment needed for small repairs.

6. What is the duration of time to complete a job?

The time duration is largely dependent on the type of job. Our customer care will give you an estimated time of how long it will take any of our deployed team members to complete your job. We ensure timely delivery of every job we are hired for in order to offer any additional services that might be required of us. This is to say that our team can be asked to do another job after completing the initial job they were hired for.

7. Do you offer draft proofing service as one of your odd jobs?

Yes, we provide a draft proofing service that ensures the inspection of your home and draft proofing of your windows. The result may vary according to the current state of your property insulation. Our team ensures the efficient repair of cracks and crevices in your building to ensure heat is trapped inside the building. No insulation is too difficult for us to install, our sales representative will give you a detailed information of what is required of you.

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